Motorcycle Safety Awareness MonthThe warm weather is finally here, so suit up and rev your motorcycle to get the engine warm. It’s time to cruise down some back roads and take on the highway to kick off spring. Make sure to take proper safety measures to ensure your riding season doesn’t get cut short. Here are some useful motorcycle safety tips from us here at Calgary Harley-Davidson®. Stay safe this riding season!

  • Gear – Wearing the right gear is the first step to safety. Open-toed shoes, t-shirts, shorts, and jeans are a recipe for disaster should you end up in an accident. Leather jackets, reinforced pants, gloves, and protective footwear offer protection from pavement, as well as wind and bugs. Don’t forget the helmet, of course! Make sure to include some bright colours so drivers can see you at all times.
  • Weather – Choosing to take to the open road in bad weather, like rain, won’t end well. Slippery roads don’t favor motorcycles. Traction will be severely reduced, making taking corners at anything faster than a crawl a serious danger. Make sure to check the wind speeds in your area before heading out as well.
  • Inspect – Perform a quick walk-around inspection of your bike to ensure there aren’t any visible problems. Warm up the engine and listen for any odd sounds. Check to make sure the tires are inflated for optimal traction as well.

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