Harley-Davidson Marketing

Harley-Davidson is one of the most well-known brands thanks to quality products and an out-of-this-world marking team. The company’s most recent marketing stunt tops everything that came before it: Harley-Davidson got an entire town to agree to get their motorcycle license.

Meet Ryder, North Dakota, a quaint town with a population of just 85 people. The town’s fitting name first attracted the motorcycle brand, but it has quickly grown to be much more. Last year, the company repainted the town’s water tower to boast its logo. Bikers tend to stop by to take pictures with the iconic structure.

This year, Harley-Davidson’s marketing team set out for a different type of campaign. The company cooperated with Ryder city officials in order to get all eligible residents to take motorcycle lessons. The vast majority of the town showed up, some of whom already owned motorcycles.

If that isn’t enough of a marketing success, Ryder, North Dakota will also unofficially be known as “Riders” until Labor Day.

Whether it was the work of the Harley-Davidson marketing team or a town of passionate riders, seeing an entire town ready to hit the road on motorcycles is a sight to behold!

We here at Calgary Harley-Davidson can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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