Banff National Park


Anyone who has driven a Harley knows that there’s nothing quite like taking a bike from Calgary Harley-Davidson for a ride through gorgeous natural scenery. Lucky for those of us living in Alberta, there are plenty of places perfect for such a cruise. One such location is the breathtaking Banff National Park. Just start at Calgary and hop onto Alberta Highway 1 heading west until you enter the park’s mountain landscape, located in the Canadian Rockies.


Banff National Park was Canada’s first National Park, and our country couldn’t have picked a better one. No water seems clearer or bluer than that of Lake Louise, and no landscape seems more from a dream than the floral Sunshine Meadows. Banff National Park is filled with gorgeous sights that are easily viewed from your Harley or on foot.


If you’re looking for an overnight trip or a long weekend, Banff National Park is well-equipped for those excursions as well. Lodging exists in the form of cabins like the Mountaineer Lodge or at one of the campsites. Take time away from your motorcycle to go white water rafting, hiking, or to simply sit and observe the wildlife. Nothing can be so refreshing after a long work week as a drive out to Banff National Park.


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